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In short, a public book case is a sort of a small free "exchange library" which is mostly open around the clock - 24/7. There are also book cases which are only open at special times, such as shelves in a café. Read the Wikipedia articles below for more information.:



If you're logged in, you'll see the "Add" button in the lower left corner of the map

Press the button to open the dialog for adding a new book case.

In this dialog, you can enter all the information necessary for adding and displaying the book case on the map.
If you don't have coordinates, you can search for an address in the field beside the latitude and longitude fields. Just enter your address and hit enter or click on the magnify icon to determine the coordinates.
After you have saved your data, you can upload an image using the detail dialog.
When you are logged in, all the fields are editable so that you can optimize and add data.

After selecting the image from your storage you have to add an author name which is displayed below the image in the detail dialog. Also you get a warning that the current image, if existing, will be overwritten by the new one! The limitation for one image per book case prevents data spamming on the server and helps to choose only the best looking one.

Ready! Now everything is saved to the database and the book case can be found by other people.

You can add a new book case by adding it directly onto the map. Go to the map and use the search field to search for the address of the book case.

Press enter. If the search is successful, the map will zoom into the found location.
Now you can right click with the mouse on the spot where the book case is located. Choose the most correct position of the book case so other people can find it quickly.

Press the link in the popup to open the add dialog as in the first method but with predefined geo coordinates.

All other steps to add a new bookcase are the same as the first method.

Sometimes the address search is not accurate and the book case ends up in the wrong location on the map. If this happens, you can drag and drop the book case to the correct location. You will be asked to confirm after moving a book case, in case you did it accidentally.
Try it next time you add a book case ;-)

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The main intention of the list function was to quickly provide the data on for people who want to use this data in their own or other projects like OpenStreetMap. But this tool became more popular and got some nice features like searching and editing just in the list view. To search for a certain book case or a location just enter your search string in the field above the table and press enter. If you want to share a specific search result with others, like a specific region or name, you can use the following link syntax to provide a predefined result: search string)